How to ensure a happy, healthy cat.

Responsible cat owners are always asking us questions, which we have collected and answered for you. Find out what makes your cat healthy and happy – from nutrition to grooming. Feel free to take advantage of our other offers to you, too: Get individual advice or contact our Service department. We are all cat lovers here!

Weight problems

My cat has a tendency to put on weight!

For weight problems it is essential to used a reduced-fat food and thus provide optimum support for the metabolism. Offering reduced portions, checking the cat’s weight regularly and including Happy Cat Adult Light in the diet all help to prevent excessive weight! Give it alone or mixed with the fat-reduced Alpine Beef adult variety to help your cat lose a few pounds. These large croquettes encourage cats to eat more slowly and chew their food properly. The result: a more satisfied cat. Happy Cat Voralpen-Rind (alpine beef) is also ideal for preventing weight gain in neutered cats. 

Tip: So-called mixed feeding, i.e. giving wet as well as dry food, is perfect for animals with a tendency to weight gain. The amount of food offered will be based on the proportions recommended for both feed types: If the recommended daily portion of dry food is 50g and that of wet food is 400g, and you want to offer both in equal portions, that means ½ a ration of dry food (25g) and ½ a ration of wet food (200g). When choosing a wet food it’s important that the fat content is as low as possible (below 1%). The fat content is shown in the “analysis” on the packaging under the heading “crude fat”. 

And finally: If your cat is seriously overweight it will be necessary to introduce an appropriate weight loss diet. This should only be done following consultation with a vet as too rapid weight loss in cats can lead to liver problems.

Prevention of bladder stones

How can the formation of bladder stones be prevented?  

Cats are originally “desert animals” and their urine can become very concentrated. They therefore have a tendency to suffer from bladder stones. The recipes of Happy Cat products take this predisposition into account. All our Happy Cat range varieties (except the Kidney Diet) are acidified to prevent bladder stones. However, the cat should also always have enough fresh water to drink: where possible, provide several "watering points" and do not place the water immediately beside their food bowl. If a cat does have a strong predisposition, then it may have problems whatever preventive measures are taken, and so should be watched carefully.

”Mixed feeding”, a combination of dry and wet food, is an excellent preventative for cats that have a predisposition to bladder stones or don’t drink enough water! (see also “What is mixed feeding?”)

Skin and coat

What food is good for coat and skin problems? 

Only the best ingredients and a high content of essential nutrients – as is the case with all Happy Cat products – ensure optimum care and provide the best possible basis for a soft, shiny coat and healthy skin. In cases of itching and recurring problems, a vet should be consulted to determine the underlying cause. 

What special considerations are there for long-haired cats?

When washing themselves, long-haired cats often swallow considerably more hair than their short-haired counterparts. If the coat is dull, it becomes matted more easily. High quality food – such as Happy Cat – ensures a silky coat and is a must in these cases as it has ingredients to help prevent the formation of hairballs! However, even the most nutritious cat food is no substitute for regular, thorough grooming by responsible cat owners!


What can I do about digestive disorders? 

Animals with delicate digestive systems should only be fed very high-quality food – such as Happy Cat Adult. If you suspect that your cat suffers from a food allergy or intolerance, we recommend gluten- or grain-free products such as those in our Sensitive range. Once you have found the right food, avoid making changes wherever possible, or introduce changes very gradually over 7 days or so. Frequent or recurring problems mean the cat should be taken to the vet for a thorough examination.


How can I help to keep my cat's teeth healthy? 

It is well known that dry food is very important to strengthen and care for teeth. Although it cannot completely prevent tartar if the cat has a tendency to this, it can at least predominantly postpone its occurrence. A further important aspect is that biting large croquettes helps to keep teeth firm and prevents them from becoming loose. By the way, all Happy Cat croquettes are also ideal for mixing into wet food. Happy Cat Adult Large Breed X-large croquettes or the also large Happy Cat Adult Beef croquettes stimulate dental care in cats that prefer wet food.