Dear Cat Lovers,

I was given my very first pet at the age of six. Mimi – a ginger domestic tabby. We were the greatest of friends. My love of cats never left me. 

Our big love for cats, and the resulting quest for their optimal nutrition, has led us here at Happy Cat to develop unique recipes for their health and vitality. We are the third generation of our family producing high quality pet food recipes here in Wehringen, Bavaria. The special feature of all these recipes is the carefully combined variety of all-natural ingredients. 

We want to help you enjoy sharing your life with your cat right from the beginning. In the following pages you will find useful tips for the introduction of your kitty to your household and information on how to care for your little friend and keep him healthy and happy. Our service team will be glad to offer you the best possible advice and answer any questions  on cat's nutrition.

Yours sincerely,
Georg Müller

Georg Müller
Georg Müller

Founder an managing director
of Happy Cat

Your kitten – tips and tricks for healthy growth

Adopting a kitten is a big decision – your new friend will keep you company for 15 to 20 years. So you should keep some points in mind when caring for and feeding your small cat, because what kittens need from a good cat food is very different to an adult cat’s needs.

Kittens have special needs

Anyone who watches their kitten playing will quickly realise that the curiosity and playfulness of their little furball seems endless. Therefore, it is important that your kitten receives healthy cat food that provides enough energy reserves for its voyages of discovery. Our high-quality Happy Cat Junior cat food is optimally oriented towards the needs of small cats. Happy Cat dry food contains all the essential vitamins and nutrients your kitten needs to grow big and strong.



It is not inferior to wet food in any respect A good dry food is ideal for kittens because it not only strengthens their teeth, but is also varied and affordable. Be careful, though: make sure your kitten always has enough fresh water to drink. It is best to place several water bowls in different places in your home to encourage your kitten to drink.

Get advice from the Happy Cat team

Our Happy Cat Experts have compiled some more information and tips for you on this page on how to feed your kitten properly. Our vets from the Happy Cat Customer Service Centre will be happy to offer you individual and personal advice on nutrition for your kitten.

Although large cat breeds are sometimes not fully grown until they are about four years old, cats are physically almost adult at around 9-12 months.

But beware: the protein supply should not be too high a dose!

In this case, “the more the merrier” is not the right attitude to have! It’s not so much the quantity, but rather the quality that counts! That’s why, of course, you won’t find any plant based protein (e.g. soya) in Happy Cat products, but rather only high quality, food-gradeanimal protein.

Although large cat breeds are sometimes not fully grown until they are about four years old, cats are physically almost adult at around 9-12 months.

So young cats only need Happy Cat Junior up to this age at the latest. If necessary – for example with "little fatties" – you can change over to the Happy Cat Adult varieties even sooner.

Hardly anyone can resist the sight of them. When they clamber around clumsily, it's enough to melt even today's hearts of stone. Quite simply, kittens are cute. The cute little balls of fur have needs, though.

Minimum age

Many people that want a kitten have a baby cat in mind. After all, it's exciting to watch them grow up. Anyone taking a kitten home should separate it from its mother as late as possible. The longer it has been allowed to stay in the family circle, the stronger they it be and the easier it will be to housetrain. Eight weeks is the absolute minimum age a cat should be when it is brought home. Ideally, the animals should already be twelve weeks old.

Partners on four paws

How does the room look from the curtain rail? Is that ball of wool for playing with? Little kittens are bursting with energy. They want to explore everything. Even dedicated cat lovers barely manage to keep their little bundles of energy fully occupied. Therefore, it is best to give two kittens a new home at the same time. A sibling relieves the pain of parting from their mother and is the ideal playmate. Together, the cats can live out their natural social behaviour and blow off steam properly. If you already have a single kitten, the animal can socialise with another young cat. Playmates do not always have to be litter mates.

Safe is secure

A house with kittens should be absolutely safe. The little explorers can squeeze into every crevice and scale any height. If the cupboard door is open even briefly, that's enough for your kitten to force its way through.

So have a look just in case before closing. The drum of the washing machine also holds a dangerous fascination. Toxic cleaning materials should be locked away, as should parts that could be swallowed. Plastic bags and wool threads pose a risk of suffocation. Bottom hung windows should be equipped with an appropriate protective grille, so that fresh air remains a harmless pleasure.

Practice early

Once all dangers have been eliminated, owners and cats can relax and concentrate on enjoying each other's company. Spend hours cuddling or playing, for example, to strengthen your bond. Although the little ones can keep themselves occupied, the most fun games are the ones involving humans. Now is just the right time to introduce rules. Of course, sometimes kitten owners have to turn a blind eye. However, playfully attacking hands should not be encouraged, if you do not want to become an attack target for an adult cat further down the line. What seems cute now can be painful when inflicted by a six kilo cat. So, it is best to just not encourage any behaviours in the first place that might be troublesome in a fully grown cat. What happens during the first formative months will stay with the little ones right into old age. This includes all the wonderful hours spent playing and the affection from humans.