The range of Happy Cat services for breeders

Our comprehensive range of benefits for breeders

As a breeder, you know what your cats need. Happy Cat is your partner for healthy cat food, so that your pure-bred cats are well cared for all-round and stay healthy for a long time. Whether it's a long-haired cat, a hairless cat or a shorthair cat – on this page, we want to give you a little insight into how we support you, as a cat breeder, with special offers on high-quality cat food.


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As a new breeder of pure-bred cats with Happy Cat, the form below gives you the chance to order a one-off introductory package with great samples of Happy Cat dry food. If you have any questions about feeding your pure-bred cats or our products, our experts from the Happy Cat Customer Service Centre would love to help.

Benefits for you – at a glance
  • Breeder discount
    You will receive your exclusive discount on all Happy Cat products
  • Breeder's folder
    You will receive our detailed breeder folder "By Professionals for Professionals" with lots of tips and guides on nutrition for your four-legged friends.
  • Starter packs
    Naturally we will provide you with generous kitten starter packs free of charge to give to the proud buyers of your kittens.
  • Exclusive breeder news
    Your Happy Cat Breeder Newsletter is published 4 times a year with current offers.
  • Support for your planned events
    We offer individual support with events for your organisation upon request (for example in the form of prizes, competition numbers and display folders).
  • Registration on Happy Cat website
    You have the option to register with your contact details in our directory or experts.

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