The roots of the Bavarian family company Interquell stretch back to 1765. It all began in the 18th century with a grain mill on the River Singold in Wehringen. In the 1950s came the pioneering innovation: a brand-new technology and suitable machinery were used to produce a cereal which, when combined with dried meat, resulted in the first complete dry dog food!! 

Our recipes, ingredients and additives have been refined time and again over the years, based on the latest scientific knowledge.

But even that was not enough! The coveted Happy Cat products have made their way from Wehringen to the rest of the world. So Happy Cat is now available not just in Germany, but also in Europe, most of Eastern Europe and in some countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

Our dry food is made at the Bavarian factory in Wehringen.

Happy Cat milestones


Happy Cat is exported to 66 countries and has a presence on three continents.


Georg Müller (Dipl. oec.) joins the company


Dog food production starts with "Müller‘s Hundenahrung"


Potato flake production starts, to improve quality and storage life of potatoes as animal feed

1765 – 1960

The Müller family operates a grain mill on the River Singold in Wehringen