Responsibility for people, animals and the environment – this is a topic very close to the heart of Georg Müller, owner and managing director of our Bavarian family-run company. “Environmental protection is an important business objective in our company. We want to be kind to the environment and protect it. We regard this is as an obligation to future generations of people and animals," he says.

We have implemented a variety of measures over recent years:

  • Construction of an (80 Kwp) PV installation to generate green energy
  • Production using condensate recovery system to save water and energy
  • Our production facilities always conform to the latest environmental standards
  • All our transport packaging is made from 100 % recycled paper

We buy up to 80% of our raw ingredients in the region, thus shortening transport distances and protecting the environment

Plant for the Planet
Plant for the Planet

Plant for the Planet is supported by Happy Cat: Since the start of 2011 we have invested 5 Cents per pack in reforestation – this will probably allow 2,500 trees to be planted every year.

The Plant for the Planet project and particularly the Billion Tree Campaign has the goal of planting 1 billion trees in every country of the world.

This campaign was initiated by the then 9 year-old Felix, who had come across the Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize-winner Wangari Maathai while doing his homework. The environmental activist had planted 30 million trees over 30 years in order to take up CO2 and stop global warming.

Mangroves are planted, for example, in Kuala Gula, Malaysia as part of a school project. Mangrove forests are essential there for fish, crabs, shellfish and crustaceans, endangered wildlife and bird species, the variety of plant life and for defence against stormy seas and tsunamis.


Within the context of the children's and youth Plant-for-the-Planet we have donated already 7.500 trees .

A tree absorbs about 10 kilos of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year. Because talking alone will not stop the melting of glaciers, we children and youth from the Plant-for-the-Planet children initiative, call upon every single person on earth to plant 150 trees by 2020. If everyone pitches in, we will manage 1,000 billion new trees. Every single tree is a symbol of climate justice.

Just as climate knows no limits, we want to be limitlessly active with Plant-for-the-Planet and expand the Children and Youth initiative into a global network. That means that we not only plant trees, but we are actively engaged in shaping our future and the adults listen to us.

The Children and Youth Initiative Plant-for-the-Planet carries the responsibility for the Billion Tree Campaign of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), since December 2011. On behalf of all the children and young people involved, we thank you for your cooperation and support and ask you to carry forward and expand the idea to many others.

Zoo Augsburg
Zoo Augsburg

Happy Cat/Happy Dog is one of the main sponsors of Augsburg Zoo. We are committed to keeping animals in a species-appropriate manner, which is why we support Augsburg Zoo.

It takes a lot of hard work to ensure that zoo animals are kept under species-appropriate conditions. Optimally-designed enclosures, ability for individual species to express their natural behaviour and species-appropriate feed are just a few examples of the factors that modern zoos have to consider. 

And the zoo needs financial support from sponsors to be able to fund these measures.